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About Jessica Sloane

Marketing and Buyer’s Assistant

As an experienced real estate agent in the San Gabriel Valley, Jessica has spent her years in the industry excelling in the competitive world of real estate and establishing a reputation as a well-respected and ethical agent.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Santa Clarita Valley, Jessica attended college for Early Childhood Education with the goal of becoming a teacher. She moved to Pasadena in 2016 where she quickly became enamored with the history and diversity of the residential architecture, ultimately inspiring her to jump ship from teaching and pursue a career in real estate. Her kind nature, patience, and true desire to help people has allowed her to work with all individuals in any environment.

Her passions outside of real estate are reading, gardening, and dedication to animal welfare. She has fostered many dogs and cats and found loving homes for all of them. When not working, you’ll often find Jessica in the backyard of her Pasadena home surrounded by her “mini farm” or spending time with family.